What’s in a Name?

Names are powerful. As a mom, I know that I spent months trying to choose the perfect names for each of my children.  I wanted names that represented who they were created to be.  Another word for a name is a label.  

Labels tell us the contents of a package.  Just think about all the ingredients listed on the items in your pantry!  Labels tell us where to place things, and where to find things.  Labels can even tell us how to treat the items in the packaging: FRAGILE and PERISHABLE are two words that come to mind with this.  I think, sister, from these simple examples you can begin to understand the power that labels can have.

A Few of My Labels

A few years ago I was in a deep, dark place mentally, spiritually, and physically. Our family was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany for an overseas military tour.  From the outside, it seemed I had it all together. I had labels like this from my family and friends:

  • Soldier’s wife
  • Mom of three
  • Full-time teacher
  • World traveler

What others didn’t know and couldn’t see was that our marriage was falling apart, that heated words and arguments were the basis for almost every conversation.  Resentment and indignation were a part of the foundation that was crumbling under our feet.  And after 12 years of marriage, I was miserable, unlovable, and wanted out.

I was an impatient, angry, and slightly resentful mother too.  I wanted to call my children monsters but knew something was wrong with that image.  Oh, sister! I blamed them for my misery because they always needed something from me.  This sounds so horrible to write, but I’ve learned to bring light to the dark times. 

I was overweight and overwhelmed with where my life was heading.  My life was crumbling around me and I had allowed the Enemy to label me with lies and ugly words.  They sounded like this:

  • Unworthy and Undeserving
  • Fat and Ugly
  • Impatient
  • Disorganized
  • Lonely
  • Dumb and Stupid
  • Horrible wife/mother

I really could go on, but I think that’s enough traveling down that dark road of Memory Lane.  I know you get the idea. If I were a gambling girl and not a Jesus girl, I would be willing to wager money that you could relate to a few of these and add your own to this derogatory list.  Am I right, sister? Or am I right?

The Breaking Point- Beginning to Unlabel

So what changed?  How did I discover that I was wallowing in the Enemy’s filth?  How did I take back my life, fight for my marriage, and overcome the overwhelm in my motherhood and our home?  Through prayer and the Spirit’s whispers.

The Spirit-led strategies in this course are what God has revealed to me through hours spent in prayer, meditation, and study in my own life.  Sister, I’ve been face-down on the floor crying out to God for deliverance!  I know what it feels like fighting the Enemy and his labels over my life.  I know what it’s like to feel no power over circumstances. Moments in my marriage and my motherhood in which the only hope I had was in the intercession of the Holy Spirit.  

Who was I?  Who does God say that I am?  How will I ever leave this dark place in which I feel bound?  How do I ‘unlabel’ myself from who the Enemy says I am?

I sought out through Scripture who God says that I am: loved, worthy, and appointed.  I am a Daughter of the King.  I am a Giant Slayer.  I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.  And dear sister, you are all of these things too!  I know this without a doubt that you are called, appointed, and His handiwork!

Right now, dear Giant Slayer, I am praying that the Spirit is whispering through these words to your heart and mind. I am praying that the Enemy is bound in your life so that you can rediscover who God created you to be:  a strong, valiant warrior in His army fighting side by side with me against the invisible Enemy.

Becoming Unlabeled

So how do we wage war with an invisible Enemy?  How do we purge the lies out and refill our souls with goodness, grace, and beauty?  How do we unlabel ourselves with who the Enemy has named us and replace it with God’s truthful labels and affirm who He says we are?  

Giant Slayer, we do this with God’s truth battling the Enemy’s lies head-on.  We do this by speaking God’s words and His truth into our lives.  We do this when we recognize the lies and labels the Enemy tries to hold over us. I want you to know how to use scripture to create Godly affirmations that are grounded in Truth about who you are so that you can defeat the Enemy!  I want you to become UNLABELED by the word and know you are HIS!  Sister, God is about to slay the Giants through you and this UNLABELED course!

The Unlabeled Course

I’ve designed this course to help you become *unlabeled* by the world and affirm who you are in Christ using God’s Word.  Know, dear Sister, that I’m already praying for you and your heart and mind as I build this course for you!

This course will teach you how to remove the Enemy’s labels and affirm who God created you to be.  The video/audio/workbook lessons will focus on:

  1. Claiming God’s Word -His promises for us
  2. The Power of Using God’s Truth
  3. The Importance of using His Words against the Enemy
  4. Transforming Your Mindset
  5. Writing Your Own Affirmations

Pre-Register Here

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Sister, You know I’m all about giving you Spirit-led strategies to help overcome the overwhelm, and I pray that you’re leaving here preparing to fill your toolbox with God’s words for you!

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I can’t wait to slay the Giants with you!
In Christ,