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Thankfulness and Gratitude Challenge

I choose JOY.

Giant Slayer, Thank you for reading and joining me in this journey to choose joy and glorify the Father here on earth. Together, we spur on another forward!

I must confess though, I am was a complainer. (Still working on this mindset shift!) For years, I struggled with JOY.  It seemed elusive.  How could I actually claim this second fruit of the Spirit in my life?

I envied other’s womens’ joy.  I would see them with their husbands, children, jobs, etc. and I couldn’t fathom how they could be so joyful!  #trueconfessiontime

find joy
Finding Joy in my journey seemed difficult until I started practicing daily gratitude.

I’ve gone through several phases of my life like this in which I fall trap to focusing on the lack of “what I don’t have”.  And you know what, sister?  Joy was elusive because I was focused solely on “me, my, and mine.”  (#ouch)


I spent time comparing instead of serving.  I spent time complaining instead of praising.   I spent time focused on lack instead of His abundance.

I didn’t know that the key to having JOY in my journey was to truly be thankful to the Creator fall all that He blesses me with! 

How to Change that Mindset

I decided to write down daily what I was thankful for each and every day.  I wrote out the big and the small.  Things as simple as a cup of my favorite coffee and quiet time that I could spend in reflection.  Some days I wrote out my goals embedded with what I’m grateful for right now (that’s another blog post btw).  Other days it was HUGE blessings of the ability to share His love through this blog.

Here’s what I began noticing, I was transforming my thinking (Romans 12:2) by taking the time to FOCUS on His abundance and blessings in my life.  I was creating a daily “pause” to pull back the curtain so His glory in my life was shining through.

The Gratitude and Thankfulness Challenge

I want that mindset shift for you too, Giant Slayer.  I want you to see HIS glory shining through in your life as you thank Him daily for abundance.  Sister, you are alive.  You are breathing.  You are loved by the most High.  You are His precious daughter.  There is so much JOY to be found in counting your blessings…even the small ones!

I know you could go out and purchase some super cute gratitude journals.  However, I want to get something in your hands right now for FREE!  I want you to start this challenge with me and hundreds of women in our Dauntless with Dignity Facebook Group.  

gratitude challenge free printable.png
Get your Free Gratitude Challenge Printable here!

FREE Printables for You

Here’s how this works:

  1. Sign up right here for FREE.
  2. I send you these JOYFUL printables.
  3. Then for the next 5 days following this, I’ll send you a quick daily email to prompt you on a few things you could write about to help you get started!
  4. Start writing out your blessings & share your gratitude on social media with #ichoosejoy (totally optional, btw.)


Of couse I will give you a sneak peek! 

Of course you can see inside this printable!  Giant Slayer, it’s time to start counting your blessings.  Just print these and do the challenge!  What do you have to lose (besides your old ways of thinking.)

5 day gratitude printable sneak peek cover
Page 1 of the Free Printable
5 day gratitude printable sneak peek
Page 3 of the Free Printable










I must ask before I go if you’re a part of our Facebook community?  I know how important it is to be connected with like-minded women who are sharing their joy and gratitude.  It can uplift us when we’re feeling really low!  Come join us!  We would love to have you!  You can see more about Dauntless with Dignity Communities here.

dauntless with dignity
Connect with other women in our Dauntless with Dignity Facebook community!

Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your life with me right now.  I pray that as we connect this week via email in these challenges that I help you bring just a bit more JOY to your life!

Oh, and if you’ve not subscribed to the blog, join us here!

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In Christ,

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Daughter of the King. Veteran's Wife. Mother of Three Blessings. Lover of Lemons, Salad, Coffee & the Simple Life Learning to use the Mess to make His Message.

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