It’s Time for a Breakthrough

Confession Confession: There’s been an invisible weight pressing down upon my shoulders the past few weeks/months.  I’ve wanted to write, to share, to bless, and to create content here (and on social media) that spurs others forward in their journey, but I’ve felt held back. I couldn’t quite place what was going on.  It seemed …

Creating a Laundry Routine that Saved my Sanity

Laundry-The Bane of My Existence For years, laundry was the bane of my existence. If there were any house chore that could have been an Achilles’ heel, this one was it. For years my three gloriously messy children sent me one garment after another to clean just for them to mess again! Oh, and my …

Seven At-Home Fitness Challenges for Every Woman

Fitness.  Temple Training.  Self-Discipline.
If those three words bring about fear, loathing, or just an overwhelming “UGH” then this post is for YOU.  Maybe you’re already working on running a Hebrews 12 Race and have created daily goals, but fitness and training your temple is the tough spot.  Sister, I get it.  I KNOW it.  I’ve been there.  For years I struggled with fear, loathing, and overwhelm in so many areas of my life, (read it here) so I DO GET IT.  I hear from a LOT of women who share their hearts with the following reasons fitness is difficult for them so I’m praying the words and tools I give you today help you in this area!

Creating Daily Goals

This past week, I’ve been inspired working through Hebrews 12 Goal Setting Ideas that I sat down to create some simple daily tasks that help me to eliminate distractions and so that I can fix my eyes on Jesus and the daily changes I need to create this better life God is calling me to! I want to break these down with you so that you see how you can adapt something like this for yourself!