Hebrews 12:1-3

Giant Slayer, many people choose a word for the year.  I have done this in the past.  But, what if God’s mission for us is bigger than just one word?  What if to become unlabeled by the world, we need a mission statement instead? Perhaps this is the very reason the Lord has affirmed to me that Hebrews 12:1-3 will set the pace for me for this next year!  Maybe He’s pressing this upon you too?

For with God Nothing is Impossible

A HIDDEN TREASURE “For with God Nothing is Impossible.” -Luke 1:37 I remember finding this little verse hidden within the “Christmas story” years ago when I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina doing mission work.  I was part of a six-week missionary trip with the organization Let’s Start Talking in which English speakers are sent around the …

15 Psalms to Strengthen You When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed  

Overwhelmed. Gosh, friend, this word makes me cringe.  I know it’s tactic from the Enemy to make me believe that God is not in control, and I’m left on my own.  Oh, what lies and havoc the Enemy brings into our life, my dear Giant Slayer! If the phrases “I’m overwhelmed” or “I’m struggling” are …

Good-bye, Grinch Heart. Hello, Christmas Joy.

Isn’t it funny how we have a difficult time peeling off the labels?  This is the first time in 4 or 5 years I’ve had my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Honestly, most years I feel like the Grinch.  My heart is hard at Christmas, and this usually comes from my own personal mindset that I’m working to overcome with Godly Affirmations (Romans 12:1-2).

This tree is not just greenery, but it represents the gigantic leap I’m taking to unlabel myself as “The Grinch” and affirm my identity in Christ this season and feel God’s peace and joy during this holiday.  


The battle against the Giants in our lives begins when we recognize the Enemy standing in front of us.
I want you to be able to recognize the lies and labels the Enemy has placed upon you.  I want you to know how to use scripture to create Godly affirmations that are grounded in Truth about who you are so that you can defeat the Enemy!

I’ve designed this course to help you become *unlabeled* by the world and affirm who you are in Christ using God’s Word.

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