The Blessing of Nothing

Today was one of those moments when I heard God whisper the blessing of NOTHING in my ear. It was 3:25 p.m. after a long day of teaching. He slowly walked through the door to my classroom crying; this tiny six-year-old boy of mine. He had a long, exhausting day too.

Can I be honest? I was immediately frustrated with his tears. All I wanted to do was to finish my grading so we could make the 30-minute commute home. After all dinner and laundry were still waiting for me as well! I didn’t want to be Mom yet. I was still in the “teacher mode” when he arrived so this was not the situation I was hoping for this late fall afternoon.

How to Create a Simple Chore Chart to Bring Peace and Order in Your Home

I spent years stalking blogs and women who seemed to have it all together with these fabulous systems for cleaning complete with photos of happy children doing chores and whistling like Snow White and her Seven Dwarves!  And while watching their perfectly put together lives I realized I was comparing my lack to their abundance. (Thanks, God, for this smackdown. I needed it!)

Sister, I tried everything: those fancy popsicle sticks, sticker charts, bribing allowance, a daily list, a simple to do with each child’s name.  You name it, girl, I tried it. And I failed miserably. Every. Single. Time.