A calling to help women.  That is my purpose.  That is my passion.

A call to build them.

A call to strengthen them. 

Although not all moms function with the same mindset I do, I’m thinking if you’re here & reading this you struggle having a Mary heart in this Martha Mindset.  Am I right? Here’s what I’ve discovered that applies to our home:

Stong Women = Strong Families

Organized Moms = Peaceful Homes

Groups for Community & Support

Dauntless with Dignity Facebook Community

Women from around the globe uniting in an online Facebook community to share spiritual growth and lives together by lifting our banners high for Christ.

dauntless with dignity
Dauntless with Dignity Facebook Community




Mombie No More Virtual Boot Camp

A practical virtual boot camp designed to give mothers everywhere Christian help in overcoming the overwhelm that can happen when life brings more than what we think we can handle.  Designed to help “Mombies” with creating homes of peace, systems of organization, and morning and evening routines with mental and physical strategies for overall health and wellness.


mombie sept
Mombie No More Virtual Boot Camp