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Creating Godly Affirmations

I have to be honest with you all. When a friend first mentioned Morning Affirmations to me, I laughed and thought, Um… NO.

No way was I going to talk to myself in the mirror. No way was I going to buy into “Speak it into Life” kind of mentality. That’s not Godly…

….. Until I realized that it was…. But, ONLY when we claim God’s affirmations about who we are in HIM.

Claiming HIS Words

Let me explain a little more clearly what I mean:

It seems to me that God’s word is threefold: past, present, future.  Hmmmm, interesting how God works in multiples of three, right?!

  1. The past.  We have the “history” and the “what can we learn” portion of His word, i.e. the stories and characters, and those applications for our lives.
  2. The present.  What does God say that I can claim over my life right now?  This will be the focus of our journey together.
  3. The future.  The hope and promises we have for our future in this life and the next.

God's Word

As an early Christian, I only experienced other believers focused on the first and third parts here.  (It’s like singing out of they hymnals at church, right?!) It seemed that we failed to CLAIM His Words and Truth as affirmations in our lives.  Maybe lack of knowledge or the longheld belief that affirmations are worldy was the culprit for us. Either way, we swallowed the lie hook, line, and sinker from Satan and that held us down in the murky depths for far too long!

Have you swallowed the lie too?  I’m here to challenge you to revisit who you are in Christ and how the power of His words truly give you life.  Are you ready?

So What Now?

I used to think affirmations were some “new age” practice and I didn’t want to have anything to do with this.  However, after searching HIS Word I’ve discovered that is only true if I’m speaking worldly doctrine over myself.

I remember being in this dark place that felt of no hope, no change, nothing better was gonna happen kind of place.  Know what I mean?   I struggled with anger, frustration, and bitterness deep within my heart. 

I knew God’s worth was truth and Satan was the father of lies.  This meant to know who I am that I MUST go straight to the truth.  I asked the question: Who does my Father say that I am?

I found His truth in these few scriptures: I am loved. I am worthy.  I am appointed.
These are the very first affirmations I began to claim.  I wrote these down daily in my journal & began thanking my Creator for His blessings.  And ever so slightly, the light began to permeate into my broken spirit.  

Today, dear friend, I want to share with you these affirmations and challenge you to claim these in your life:  You are loved.  You are worthy.  You are appointed.

Godly Affirmations

Dear Giant Slayer, please share this positive mindset shift with another friend who needs Spirit-led strategies for this Godly power to change his/her mindset.  Let us begin to give light and life to point the way to Him!

And, Overcomer, You can find more blog posts about using and creating your own  Godly Affirmations here!

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Or go right to the second post in this series here.

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In Christ,

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  2. […] sense that these questions should reflect what we learn about God, His promises for me (so I can reaffirm who I am in Him to combat the Enemy’s lies), and how I can use this passage to serve […]

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