Hey, Sister! Welcome to living a life that is Dauntless with Dignity.

I’m Stephanie, the Creator of Dauntless with Dignity, a Daughter of the King, a wife to a retired veteran, a mom of three blessings, and an educator, writer, and speaker of life.  I am working to be UNLABELED by the world and defined by Christ.

For years I was a struggling mother defined by the lies of the Enemy without knowing the power of the Holy Spirit’s ability to transform my thinking and in turn transform my life!  I allowed the Enemy to label me as angry, tired, incapable, inadequate, frustrated, overwhelmed, and disconnected (to name a few)!


I fully believe in the power of Romans 12:1-2 because I have experienced this first-hand as I’ve watched my life transform through seeking fellowship with the Creator and the power of His truth in my life!

I struggled with knowing my worth and my value and allowed others to define this for me as I struggled to keep up with who I thought I should be.


I create actionable courses and practical tools that are Scripture-based and Spirit-led to empower women everywhere to overcome their overwhelm in any area of their lives with a Christ-centered approach.  My passion and purpose is to help women overcome the overwhelm with Christ-centered tools that strengthen our spirits, our minds, and our bodies so that we can serve our Creator, love others, and live like we’ve been called out from the grave.

Every post and tool I share is something I’ve tried and used and prayed over.  While there are LOTS of tools out there to help women organize their lives and combat the “lies” we believe, I believe that each and every action and tool we use should be grounded in our Creator’s truth.

I create practical courses and downloads to help us bring His truth into all that we do in this physical world.  From Spiritual training with courses like “UNLABELED” that help us understand our worth in Christ to practical printables and trackers, Dauntless with Dignity is designed for YOU.




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And sister, thank you for visiting and for your patience with me as I learn how to share HIS glory with the tools and words that strengthen us, build us, and help us to overcome the overwhelm so that we are more than Conquerors through Him who loves us.