Kickstart Your Revolution

How do we break old habits and cycles and create a revolution to become the person God designed us to be?  This has been on my heart for months, maybe years even.

I remember a few years ago the struggles for time freedom, spiritual breakthroughs, and rhythms and routines that could bring me peace. You’ve heard me talk about my OVERWHELM and Apathy a LOT.

I’ve realized that I’ve grown/changed/transformed in the past few years and have begun to walk in my purpose.

For years, I struggled with knowing my Spiritual birthright, balancing mom life, working, and keeping our home without losing my sanity.  And as I’ve learned to claim my identity in Christ, I’ve developed tools to share with my sisters to keep our faith the center of all that we do in this physical life.  

I didn’t need to be the “woman who could do it all”.  I needed to be the woman God created me to be.

This journey to get me to this point to be able to share all of this with you began one day with a decision to say, “Yes” to the life God called me to live.  Ephesians 2:10 has kind of become my life motto, and I believe that we are all His handiwork and created to do good works in Christ Jesus. To say yes to this, I realized I had to let go of my excuses for living a mediocre life to step into the abundance and blessings God has called us to.

I’ve realized if we’re going to run a HEBREWS 12 RACE or slay our Giants, then we have to face the hard stuff head-on with Christ as our “center”.  

Friend, I hope that everything I share with you in this brings you methods and structure to live the life God has called you to so that you can focus on the purpose He’s laid out for you- that you will be HIS handiwork so that you can bless others.

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The Goal

The goal isn’t to create a life of ease so that you can have a life of ease.  These strategies that I’m sharing with you are meant to help you create an easier life so that you can live in your purpose and run your race to glorify God.

As I spent time putting these tools in place that I will be sharing with you, I noticed that I had more time to do the truly important things: to use my life as worship.

I had time to spend with the Creator without feeling like a million things needed to be done.  I had time on the weekends to just unplug with my family without feeling like we had to clean. I had time to care for my physical temple with exercise and better nutrition.  I had time to serve in our community.  I had time to begin a ministry like this.

Creating Time Freedom

It’s not that more time was created, but better systems.

+Better systems = better structure = time freedom = time for the more important things.

+Less clutter (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) = less stress.

+Less mundane decisions = More mental power for the important ones

Time for more important things + less stress = a place that puts you at the feet of Jesus to say, “Here am I, Lord.  Send me.”


As this has happened, I’ve learned to seek the Creator and who He says I am to bring peace for my heart and mind.

I’ve learned to create weekly and daily rhythms and routines that have brought time freedom and stability amid the chaos of our circus.

And I want to share all of this with you.

I’m creating a FREE five-day mini course to help you Overcome the Overwhelm in your life to kickstart a revolution.

We will focus on the following:
*Weekly & Daily rhythms & routines to help you focus on what matters most
*Reclaiming your time so that you can serve in the Kingdom in YOUR PURPOSE.
*Transforming Your Mindset with Godly Affirmations

Registration is NOW open. 



The Course Outline

Each day, I’ll be sending you a video to get each of these tools in your hands.  No need to go anywhere or get dressed even!  Just grab a cup of coffee (tea or wine are also acceptable) a pencil/paper and prepare to change your life.

The videos will be delivered straight to your inbox April 22-26.

(DAY 1) Weekly Rhythm – 3 Purposeful Power Pockets to get Organized

(DAY 2) Weekly + Daily Rhythms -Running Task List

(Day 3) A Purposeful Power Hour

(Day 4) Mindset + Godly Affirmations

(Day 5) The Home Revolution (Chores + Declutter)

Let’s Kickstart this Revolution

These are the very tools I wish I would have had in my toolbox years ago.  I think my life and my motherhood would have been way different.  But, since I can’t time travel, I just want to pay it forward to all my sisters who are struggling right now.

And maybe struggling and overwhelm are too strong to describe where you are right now.  Maybe you’re already on a Hebrews 12 journey and you’ve begun to throw off all that’s hindering you and sin that easily entangles.  You’ve got your eyes fixed on Jesus, but you just need a few extra tips in a few areas, I’ve got those for you too!

Sister, this is FREE training to help you finally Overcome the Overwhelm.  What are you waiting for?   Let’s kickstart this revolution together!

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Blessings friend from my toolbox to yours,
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