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Do you know one of those women who seems to be a Superwoman?  It seems that she can do it all!  I bet you could list a few of them right now off the top of your head.  Do you ever wonder how your Superwoman friend gets it all done?

I did for the LONGEST time.  I couldn’t fathom how women could work full time, run a business, mom-it-up, and not be exhausted!  (Do you think this way too?)

I want to share with you today a few tips that I’ve learned.  Although I am far from declaring myself Superwoman, I do wear several hats and I’ve had women ask me a lot the bewildered question, “How do you get it all done?”

I’m going to share with you a secret.  I don’t get it all done, but I do use a weekly printable and running task list to keep myself focused so that when I am ready to unplug from work, I can be fully present with my family.  Here’s my tool for this.

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Creating a Home of Peace Workbook

This Workbook is the first tool I ever created with a Spirit-led strategy to overcome the overwhelm in our home.  I knew that if our home was going to change, we needed systems and routines that had spoken expectations.  This chart isn’t about decluttering or minimizing, but it is about putting a simple cleaning system in place so that you can begin the projects and overhaul you want in other areas of your life!

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daily habit tracker sheets.png

In our Dauntless with Dignity Facebook Community, women were asking for a way to track their daily habits!  They were focused on tracking: exercise, water, nutrition, and daily devotional time, as well as a few other areas.  I wanted to bless them with a clean, bullet journal style tracking system that I was writing on those weekly tasks sheets.  What I discovered was when I track my “habits” I was way more motivated, but I was tired of writing out the same things every week.  I created a way to save our time and mental energy with this printable!  Find your tracker here!

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morning action plan pages.png

This printable is dedicated to helping you rise early, fill your Soul with the Creator, and take time to fill your cup without feeling selfish.  Yes, I said rise early.  If the thought of having to wake up any earlier than what you already are is exhausting to just think about, sister, please understand this:  I know this feeling.   I distinctly remember the first morning I intentionally rose before 5 am to purposefully change the trajectory of my life.  It wasn’t easy.  It is possible.

I want to share with you how I’ve filled my mornings with Spirit-led strategies to help you become intentional in the purpose the Creator has for you by giving you a Morning Action Plan.  This printable is where I’ve placed morning habits and routines with an outline to plan or map out your mornings so that you can be focused and intentional with a morning power hour BEFORE anyone rises to claim your time.

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