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Simple and Easy Homemade Play-Dough


Homemade Play-dough for the win this afternoon!  This activity is such a simple and quick treat for my children.  They were busy for (literally) hours with giggles, sharing, and creating at our kitchen table.  That really is a mom-victory!


A few years ago I began making our play-dough instead of buying it at the store.  Here’s why: Play time turned into a big catastrophe. 

Our colors would all get mixed and soon we just had a big brown lump. This, in turn, led to arguments about mixing colors and play time soon turned into arguments.  Not what I wanted. 

And to be honest, we used to have an entire bucket dedicated to play-doh, accessories, storage containers, multiple colors, etc.  This led to left-over play-doh stuck in little crevices and hiding places, colors mixed, lids on wrong colors, and leftover bits falling to the bottom of this big tub we had. 

Seriously, this was just icky.  Chris despised play-doh because of the mess.  I despised it because of the clutter.


A few months ago, I began purging and decluttering in our home.  I threw out donated all the play-doh mess.  Good-bye bucket of empty containers, crazy accessories, and big brown lumps of play-doh.

I’ve noticed since we’ve purged our toys, my children have begun to play and create more together.  This weekend was a prime example of this change.  Asher asked for us to make play-dough, something he and I used to do when the girls were in school and he was still home with me.  When the girls heard this request, they came running to help.

So, we pulled our ingredients from the cabinet and created a small batch together.  This makes them feel special because WE ARE CREATING TOGETHER.  Each one grabs an ingredient, we mix, we cook, we create.  TOGETHER.  (Notice how I’m loving this togetherness!)

They spent several hours using our own kitchen tools and their imagination.  No one argued over colors or accessories.  Seriously, my sweet sister, you do NOT need all the stuff from the store.  Your children need time and space to play and create.

One thing I learned while my children were in the German kindergarten and Grundschule is this: Your child needs fewer things and more time to imagine. 



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1 cup flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 cup salt

1 cup water
1 tbsp vegetable oil



Mix all ingredients in a pot.
Stir mixture slowly with rubber spatula over medium heat until dough thickens forms a ball.
Dump dough on wax paper or a cookie sheet. (Careful, it’s hot!)
When it’s cool enough to touch, knead the dough.


Store in air-tight containers for later use or little gifts!


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Sister, thanks for stopping by today.  You know I’m all about giving you Spirit-led strategies to help overcome the overwhelm, and this recipe is just a simple and easy tool to keep in your toolbox to help your (or anyone’s) children to discover, create, and learn.


Let’s connect our lives to spur one another forward in this journey!

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And sister, thank you for visiting and for your patience with me as I learn how to share HIS glory with the tools and words that strengthen us, build us, and help us to overcome the overwhelm so that we are more than Conquerors through Him who loves us.


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